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 Sujet du message: Re: Des nouvelles de Ralf....
MessagePosté: Lun 26 Jan 2015, 14:19 
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les infos du 26/01/2015
Hi Sailors,

All the best for 2015!!

The reviews of both the kit and the RFH are finished and can be read quite detailed in the German forum. Due to different reasons the English translations got stuck a bit, but the next parts will be delivered step by step to the German and the international forum.

In a nutshell the RTH is close to Mike’s champ version. Unfortunately the keel fin seems to come out of a new mold and is thicker and heavier than the old one. As a direct result the RTH keel is too heavy (>420g) and goes too deep (>135). So, there is some rework necessary in order to get a legal boat.

The kit is still using the “old” racing parts for keel fin and rudder and also the old string steering construction. On top there are some bad fitting parts.

Both boats have a new stiff and heavy double mast solution and useless sails, at least in wet conditions. Also both boats have new or unclear positions for jib attachment and rudder. Plans or manuals cannot help as they are not really matching the parts in the box.

As the MMi class rules refer regarding this to an old version of the plan, some Dutch guys recently started an initiative to make the rules a bit clearer with defining the positions in centimeter distance to reference points. This regulation would strictly interpreted make all recent boats kind of illegal. Not clear for me yet, how this would be handled in the next national or international championships.

But back to the new boats: Despite some frustrating details you can build good MM’s. And after some tests and racing with the kit sails in dry conditions and with a better rig.. my impression is, the boat is not slower than the old one, maybe even faster.

And the other good news is, since December both versions are in stock in the German warehouse.

To talk about my actual “job” the Graupner communication:

During the boat’s reviews with all the obvious issues and some bigger question marks I sent some direct and critical questions to Graupner and received some more or less useless answers, not only once kind of away from reality in different directions… One day I was ready to stop the project “Graupner communication” and sent an angry message to the management and to the clerk explaining that I would stop wasting my time. Surprisingly for me Graupner came back and asked for further proposals and promised to work on improvements… So, there must be some interest in the boat and therefore still a chance to get things better.
The main communication is about how to get the bugs out of the boats. I have sent a list of quality issues and potential improvements to Graupner and of course informed them about the class rules problems. During the Nuernberg fair will be a session with the Chinese production manager. They also promised to send me an improved sample for evaluation before the next batch will be produced.
I know that some of you have heard similar announcements in the past. We will see, what happens this time. It is easy to give up, however I have still some hope.

Unfortunately little progress to report concerning the distribution issues. It seems Graupner Germany has no direct influence on the distr. policy in the USA. Nevertheless they asked what’s going on with MM in the States. The answer was pretty much as expected. The potential MM business seems to be so small, that the distributor is obviously not motivated to sell Micro Magic. Of course I asked back, what an American MM sailor can do to get some spares or new boats, if the distributor is not willing to sell it… I have not yet received an answer, but I will keep you informed if there is something worth to share.

That’s it for now

Best Regards

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